Our Difference

We do not represent sellers. We only represent buyers. We provide unbiased research and advice to anyone interested in acquiring net leased properties. Since we do not have our own listings, there are no conflicts of interest when making our recommendations.

Our technology allows investors the means to search, identify and secure qualified net lease investment properties in the shortest possible time with absolute market coverage. By engaging us, clients preserve their peace of mind through the acquisition of net lease opportunities that meet their precise criteria.

Define Investment Criteria

  • Review your current investment position

  • Understand the key objectives you want to achieve

  • Determine the best strategy for meeting your objectives 

Research and Analysis

  • Use your investment criteria to generate list of viable investment opportunities

  • Evaluate quality of investment by assessing key metrics to deliver final recommendations

  • Run cash flow analyses on properties of interest to determine the best possible options

Fulfill Investment Objectives

  • Prepare letters of intent, negotiate purchase contracts, and ensure a smooth escrow process

  • Conduct thorough due diligence review—lease abstract, condition assessment, title work—and secure best financing terms

  • Coordinate closing with involved parties- exchange accomodator, seller, lender, and tenant

How We Do It

We source the highest quality net lease investments by fostering relationships with brokers and owners across the country to uphold a dependable reputation and provide comprehensive market knowledge.


0 sellers represented— we only represent buyers


Over 2,000 curated net lease investment opportunities


Over $3.5 billion in total transactions

Who We Are

Net Lease Exchange was formed because the need was apparent—there exists no group whose sole purpose is to advise buyers in the acquisition of net lease investments. The market is replete with agents who are representing sellers, but exclusive buy-side representation did not exist, until now. At NLX, we endeavor to provide objective feedback and unbiased data to assist our clients in the decision-making process.

The NLX team maintains an advisory panel of industry veterans, with over thirty (30) years experience, who own net leased properties around the country. The advisory panel adds invaluable insight into the issues that net lease owners face: shortening lease terms and the impact on value, negotiating extensions with the tenant, what to look for when reviewing options, and more. Their information, experience, and input is critical when guiding our clients towards the acquisition of the best quality net leased investments on the market, from an owner's perspective.

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